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  • Midnight in Paris

    Midnight in Paris


    There’s something inherently comforting and familiar about the opening credits of a Woody Allen movie. A plain, white windsor typeface on a black background, a simple jazz tune kicks in, taken up more often than not by a clarinet. As the music continues, cue the day and night busy city shots from various angles. Then we get the characters that share intellectually rich and witty conversations. Relaxing back into the cinema seat I instantly feel that I am in safe…

  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    Seeing Apocalypse Now in its re-release was like some kind of wonderful dream. Apart from the fact that it was the original Cannes cut of the movie and its obvious brilliance, the screening was a sell out which would normally give me cause for concern. But not this time, this time all the other members of the audience were like me. We were a hive mind, all of us there because we wanted to sit and watch the movie in…

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  • Into the Abyss

    Into the Abyss


    When it comes to documentaries Herzog can do no wrong in my eyes, his philosophical nature, articulate mind and soothing voice lend themselves perfectly to the production of high quality work from Little Dieter Needs to Fly to Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Herzog’s Into the Abyss, an unflinching look at a Death Row, illustrated using the story of two young men convicted of a triple murder, is no exception.
    Kicking off with an interview with the Death Row chaplain whose…

  • Dredd



    Well it’s be a long time coming but it looks like the 2000AD fans may have finally got the Dredd they deserve. Although some of us still have a tiny soft spot for Stallone’s effort *winks* it was never what the fans really wanted; a Dredd with a strict, unwavering rule that if you break the law you pay no matter what.
    So thankfully Pete Travis’ and Alex Garland’s take on Dredd is much like the character of Dredd himself.…