21 Jump Street ★★★★½

Took me completely by surprise this one. Let's face it a comedy movie based on a tv show starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill doesn't look good on paper. Oh, but on film it looks flippin' amazing!
Tatum and Hill make an hilarious double act, like a modern day Laurel and Hardy (too much?) with Hill as the fumbling but intelligent Hardy and Tatum a complete revelation as the dumb but sweet Laurel.
There's some cracking support throughout too with particular mention going to Ice Cube as the cliched angry Police Captain, barking orders and insults at his hapless newly qualified officers.
The script is tight and consistently very funny with way more laughs than the required Kermodian 6. The only thing that stops me giving it the full quota of stars is the ending which loses its comedic edge ever so slightly.
But seriously folks, go and enjoy having the rug pulled out from under you! You'll laugh your ass off, guaranteed.