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  • Vortex



    Maybe the best boring film I've ever seen? I can't deny that I was "bored" a lot, that I was willing scenes to end or get to the point or to be cut entirely, but I also can't pretend that that boredom didn't ultimately amount to something, that the cumulative effect of watching these three people try and perform their daily rituals in the face of something so relentlessly destructive didn't have the desired effect.

    Noé clearly made this from…

  • Ricky Gervais Live: Animals

    Ricky Gervais Live: Animals


    Sour taste from SuperNature still lingering, so thought I'd revisit some of the earlier stuff I remember liking to try and wash it out and feel less bad about the fact I used to be a fan. (Once went all the way to Newcastle from York to see the prick live. It was boring and bad. The show wasn't very good either!!!)

    This still holds up pretty well imo. Gervais actually develops something of a persona that's not just a…

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  • Ricky Gervais: SuperNature

    Ricky Gervais: SuperNature

    Yeah, I wouldn't usually do shit like this, but decided to watch it just to make sure I hated it as much as I imagined I would. 

    Whatever it is Gervais has become these days is such a strange beast. This set is so lazy and half-baked, drifting from tedious transphobia into a shapeless section where he just tells anecdotes about things that his brother and friends said at school, that it's hard to even imagine it appealing to his…

  • A World Without Women

    A World Without Women


    Really nicely observed character study for the most part, but I spent the entire film praying and hoping it wasn't going in a particular direction, and inevitably ended up disappointed. But that's the kind of disappointment you get when you want a French film to not feature a schlubby middle-aged man banging a teenage girl.