Interiors ★★★½

"It was fabulous. We thought it was very interesting too. But depressing as hell. It was pessimistic to the point of futility."

Interiors is an easy film to relate to (for me, anyway), but a difficult film to enjoy. The film immerses you so completely in the angst, anxiety, and self-loathing of the three daughters that their paralysis seems understandable and even inevitable. I'm not entirely sure what Allen intended for us to take away from this, but the older I get the more I recognize most people are just coping the best way they can (myself included). I do think the father (E.G. Marshall) is an interesting character. His actions can be viewed as selfish, absolutely, but he's also the only family member who seems willing to acknowledge what he desires and take responsibility for his own happiness. I admire that courage.

For a much more coherent and eloquent take on this, go check out David's review here. (It's what put this on my watchlist.)

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