Johnny Handsome

Johnny Handsome ★★★½

You know what I love about this movie? 93 minutes. That's how long it is. Walter Hill cuts to the goddamn chase. Honestly, it probably could've been about five minutes shorter. I'm not entirely sure what the point of Morgan Freeman's detective character was: he mostly just shows up to say "you can change Johnny's face, but you can't change his CROOKED SOUL," which, fine, true, but feels unnecessary. Regardless: EFFICIENCY IS REWARDED IN THE BUNCHOMETER.

Mickey Rourke is great in this, as he is in most things, even if the mush-mouth affect is vaguely annoying. Shockingly high level of talent in this flick. Rourke and Freeman, but also Forest Whitaker and Ellen Barkin and Lance Henriksen. They literally don't make movies like this anymore. Too bad!