Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

One of the most heartbreaking enduring parts of life is losing the happiness you’ve felt for a long time. Quarantine has mustered out this feeling for a lot of us. Something we didn’t expect or anticipate was suddenly thrusted upon us and we had to adapt. We had to figure out how to regain the happiness we suddenly lost. 

This movie emulates this feeling extremely well. Losing your hearing is something so sudden and powerless for Reuben. There’s nothing he can do to get it back and get back to what he had. Ruben (and his girlfriend, lou) have to learn to live with this new reality without knowing where to start. There are so many things that seem like the best option to get even an ounce of what they had back but as the movie goes on we learn the valuable (and sad) lesson, you can never go back in life.

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