Batman Begins ★★★★½

Following up Batman & Robin sure wouldn't have been hard for anyone to do. However, Christopher Nolan went above and beyond expectations. He didn't just regenerate the franchise, he made something great. Nolan gave us a new unique in depth take on the Batman tale. This movie salvaged the Super Hero Batman that many people considered a joke because of the last entry made in 1997..and this one was just the beginning of something magnificent.

Batman Begins is a great entry to what I consider an epic trilogy. It does not have the epicness of the original Star Wars or Lord of The Rings. But let me tell you it's not far away. Batman is easily my favorite Super Hero, simply because of how good this trilogy is. Nolan did a superb job of giving Batman's back story and starting this newly geared franchise. This movie is a treat to watch and it's the definitive Batman film.

For that we thank you, Christopher Nolan. Job well done! Batman has been restored and will forever be taken seriously because of you.

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