Don Jon

Don Jon ★★★½

Scarlett Johansson......Marry me please.

But seriously this was a solid first film from the talented actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The movie isn't perfect, but I enjoyed it. I laughed a lot more than I thought I was going to. Don Jon is fun, quirky, and extremely original. The performances were also very good. JGL is very good, as he usually is. He is one of my current favorite working actors. Scarlett Johansson was also impressive. She was able to draw me in with her charm and beauty. Julianne Moore's character was a big surprise; she was really great! This was one of the most original films I've seen in quite some time. A real breath of fresh air! I always like myself a good dramedy!

Overall Don Jon is a very solid start for JGL. I hope he keeps it up, and continues to improve!

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