Free Fire ★★★★

TIFF 2016 Film #23

If you would have told me a Ben Wheatley film would be one of my favorite films from TIFF, I'd give you this look. Wheatley's filmography that I've seen hasn't exactly worked out for me. But Free Fire is a different story. I pretty much loved this movie! Between the great cast, the hilarious banter between characters, and the crisp gun fights I had a blast!

The cast is seriously awesome; they're all so funny. Especially Sharlto Copley. He was absolute gold in this film. This is the first time I've liked Armie Hammer since The Social Network. I really loved Brie Larson! I've never seen her do a role like this, and it turned out to be awesome!

I might have to go back and give Sightseers and High-Rise another chance.

Also, can we all just admire how awesome this poster is?