Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

Dammit, I really wanted to like this

Halloween Kills made me appreciate the Rob Zombie Halloween movies more...

The beginning of this absolutely sucked. Fuck you for fucking with the original to create some dumbass subplot. Seriously, what was that?

The best thing I can say about Halloween Kills is the kills. No pun intended. Michael fucks a lot of people up. However, that's where my praise ends.

Everything outside of the kills is atrocious. The acting, the script, and the story border incompetence. In a way this actually felt like it was a mockery of the franchise. I was absolutely baffled at what I was watching during most of the run time. It's such a mess that I wasn't able to even enjoy it as dumb fun slasher. Just go and watch a YouTube montage video of the deaths from this movie and you're set.

God damn, I'm disappointed. Especially after being a pretty big fan of the 2018 version.

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