Rush ★★★★½

Rush is definitely one of the best movies of the year so far. You don't even have to be a racing fan to enjoy this movie! I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Formula 1, but I am familiar with it. My dad is a huge fan, so occasionally I'll catch some bits & pieces of the races. I do like it, I'm just not big on it. Regardless, you literally don't have to know a single thing about F1 or racing in general to enjoy this movie. And that's the beauty of it.

The title says it all. This movie is exciting, interesting, and obviously a rush. Howard manages to tackle the difficulty and danger involved in Formula 1 Racing. This sport is extremely dangerous, and I thought he was able to display that really well. The shots during the races were quite amazing and just added to the excitement. With that being said the movies main focal point isn't even the racing; its focus is the rivalry between these two great racers. We truly felt the tension between these two guys. You could seriously feel the true passion these men had for racing. They used each other to better themselves. The rivalry felt very real, which was mainly due to the great acting by these two men. Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt is his best role to date. Daniel Bruhl was also very impressive as Nikki Luda.

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