The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★½

I should kick my own ass for watching this movie again.

Most of you think I'm probably crazy for watching The Lone Ranger again, and I can't blame you one bit. I decided to watch this again because I like to give movies a fair chance. My first viewing took place in the middle of the night. I was dozing on and off from the start. So I just felt that wasn't a fair chance.

Well I didn't miss a damn thing. It turns out my first opinion of this was totally correct. The Lone Ranger is truly a bad movie. It's annoying, lifeless, and incredibly boring. I'm sorry Armie Hammer; but you have the stage presence and charisma of a toilet. There was absolutely no chemistry between Hammer and Depp. Why this movie is 2.5 hours long, we may never know. All of the criticism this got from the critics is totally justified. The only positive thing I can say is it at least looks nice.

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