The Raid 2 ★★★★½


The Raid 2 is single handedly the best action movie I ever seen! The action choreography was absolutely mind blowing. The Raid 2 is a mixture of Die Hard and Kill Bill on steroids. I'm sorry young Bruce Willis, Iko Uwais has taken your place as my favorite action star of all time. The hand to hand combat is insane. I witnessed the great car chase sequence of my life. If you ever see a chick wielding hammers, RUN! Baseball Bat Guy was a beast too. The film is also shot with amazing precision.

After I left the theater, I needed a huge drink of water to cool myself down because I was totally amped. Just WOW! I seriously can't put the last 30 minutes into words.

This film is nothing short of a game changer for action films.

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