Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

DAMN! This movie ruled.

I forgot how good of a feeling it is to see something in theaters that you didn't have super high expectations for that kind of ends up blowing you away.

I wasn't expecting this to end up being my second favorite Guy Ritchie film. Snatch being my favorite. Very, very impressed. This is Guy Ritchie's least Guy Ritchie movie.

Wrath of Man is absolutely BRUTAL. Heist film meets revenge thriller. It's gruesome, bleak, dark, and gritty. I legitimately felt every gun shot and every death. It felt so small scale, but so large scale at the same time. It worked though. It kind of feels like an indie film, but it's really not? If Heat and Den of Thieves had a baby, you'd get Wrath of Man.

Let's take a moment to appreciate Jason Statham as one of the best action stars out there. He's been in some stinkers. But when he's on, he is fucking on!

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