The Big Sleep ★★★★

Philip Marlowe is hired as a private detective by a rich family. When his case is over, he can't help but go further, after most people involved tell him to stop.

I had the privilege to see this film back to back with 'To Have and Have Not' at the Astor Movie Theatre. Having not seen either of these before, to my knowledge, I didn't really know what to expect. Without a doubt, seeing these films has recouped my need to watch noir films again, after it died down about a year ago.

I found this film to be the better of the two, although the other film had far more superior music. The banter between the characters was great and at times I found myself laughing at the way they spoke back then. There was even a scene that made me jump, as well as others in the cinema. I didn't even feel silly for doing so, it just made me enjoy it more.

All in all, both of these films were great, but if I had to recommend just one of the two, it's definitely this. Do yourself a favour and watch 'To Have and Have Not' as well though.