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  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    Dear Michael Haneke,

    This is fucked up. But, it's like this really cool and beautiful type of fucked up though. Is it okay for me to like this so much? It's not like I was entertained, I just loved it. But, at the same time I'm really scared. Is it possible you could follow me around for the next few days and just explain some shit to me? I'd greatly appreciate that. Life just seems to be a tad bit more confusing after this one.

    Christian Childress

  • God's Not Dead

    God's Not Dead

    As someone who identifies as a Christian, know that from the bottom of my heart, I truly despise this film. And most other *christian* films.

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  • Maniac



    I’d give episode 9 six stars if I could. One of the great tv episodes of the last few years.

  • Casablanca



    One of the few flawless films in the history of cinema. Casablanca is as beautiful and devastating today as it was in 1942. We are all blessed to have it in our lives.

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    No one does fucked up quite like Fincher. That being said I fucking loved this. Granted, I may be a tad bit biased based on my love for Fincher (he is my favorite director). But, this was excellent.

    Having read the book I was worried about how this story would translate to film. Calm down everyone, it worked out just fine. Props to Gillian Flynn to sticking to her story and writing one hell of a screenplay. And props to…

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    Today, I embarked on a journey. A joint journey in which Gustav and I are very excited about. Over the next few weeks we will be going back and re-watching some of our all time favorite films. Today we began with the love of my life, Children of Men.

    When I was in the eighth grade, my love for films truly began. I was on my way to Florida on a family vacation and had rented some movies off…