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  • The NeverEnding Story

    The NeverEnding Story


    I remember the visuals of this as a kid, and I remember not watching it much as I took the title literally and thought it would never end (I swear it felt about 4 hours long as a kid?) I remembered very little beyond the flying dog. It was weird, I liked the puppetry and effects though, and I think what I gathered of the overarching message was good. It’s a very convoluted plot though, I’m not surprised I didn’t really ‘get’ it as a kid.

  • Inception



    I've heard so much about this film since it came out and I've always meant to watch it at some point and finally got around to it. And honestly, I was underwhelmed. It's a fun action movie, but it all felt pretty straight forward to me for a movie that's supposed to have so many theories surrounding it, but perhaps I just don't care enough to get invested in it like that. It didn't leaving me thinking about it long…

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  • Shot Caller

    Shot Caller


    Better than I thought it was going to be honestly, and I liked the message of the flawed prison system. I can definitely see how this happens to people, and it's sad.

  • Midsommar



    Absolutely loved this, one of the best horror films I've seen in years. Loved the references to folk horror of the '70s, the plot and characters were well developed, and I just felt captivated by it throughout. I didn't even realise how long it was until I looked it up on here to log it, which I think is testament to how good it is.