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  • Brain on Fire

    Brain on Fire


    Oct. 2018 / Scavenger Hunt 43

    Task 23. Choose a movie in which Chloë Grace Moretz stars 

    I think the beginning dragged a lot but at the same time it did make me think about how damn long it took anyone to notice that she was ridiculously not okay and help her. 

    I didn’t realise Jenny Slate was in this and she’s always a delight!

  • West of Memphis

    West of Memphis


    Oct. 2018 / Scavenger Hunt 43

    Task 21. Choose a movie in which one of Nick Cave’s numerous songs appear 

    I never knew anything about the West Memphis Three and didn’t realise how big this was in America. The way the case was handled originally seems like it was a mess though and the fact the real killer hasn’t been arrested is so awful, especially for the families of the victims.

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  • Prisoners



    today, I went to a spa with my girlfriend and had a super relaxing day complete with back massage, swimming and reading in a chilled and serene environment. 

    we then decided to watch prisoners when we got back to her house that evening. 

    it’s safe to say, that tranquil feeling that we left the spa with is now dead and gone and i would like another back massage to relieve all the tension I’ve accumulated whilst watching this

  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before


    sept. 2018 / scavenger hunt 42

    task 20. a film about young love

    kudos to my girlfriend putting up with me saying "I love her clothes! She looks adorable!" every single time Lara Jean changed her outfit