I really don't know how to rate this. It was such an interesting watch; at points I was thoroughly convinced I was watching a masterpiece... at others, it all just seemed like a hot mess. Not sure where that leaves me now.

A lot of this confusion is credited to the strangely modern and hybrised soundtrack and narration (this is the Tiger Lillies version I believe, and by other reviews seems to be the most disliked). However, at times, I found the soundtrack brilliant. Haunting and provocative. Yet sadly, at others, painfully repetitive and ridiculous. The odd lyric narration was frequently asynchronous with what was happening on screen (to the point it would spoil key upcoming plot points) which was, in its own way, fascinating but ultimately offputting, especially when it made many scenes lose tension and momentum. Very curious to get my hands on another version and see what I think.

The one thing I am certain about is that Karl Freund's cinematography is brilliant. While the story itself is nothing groundbreaking, E.A Dupont's unique visual storytelling is what really makes this film special.