A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★½

*movie ends*
Sister: why didn't they just call this movie "a quieter place"?
Me: this was definitely a louder movie than the first...

This was the first film I watched in theaters with my sister since January of 2020 and it was an absolute blast. As a great sequel to its predecessor, A Quiet Place Part II manages to capture most of the fear, tension, and suspense the first film established while adding more emotion and intensity. The film made me feel scared, stressed, excited, and hopeful throughout its short runtime. I want to mention how incredible the editing was for this film. The film showcased a few synchronized climax scenes and parallels were put together so flawlessly. I usually don't notice editing in films, but this one stood out to me. In addition, the score by Marco Beltrami was fantastic. He kept the same themes from the first one and added more depth to this film. I cannot wait to see what John Krasinski has in store for us with the third installment.

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