Bambi ★★½

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Bambi: a child's introduction to death. This film was adorable, wholesome, but traumatic if you are a child. I understand now why my mother never put this on for us to watch as kids. I have no nostalgia for this film; therefore, no connection. It was very mediocre to me when watching. I wish I had seen this during the first ten years of my life. The music was beautiful, and the animation is stunning and head of its time. I will say that the score is perhaps one of the best aspects of the film. It tells the story of Bambi more than the animation itself, in my opinion.

Some may call the simplicity of the storyline charming, cute, or inventive (which I agree with to a certain extent), but I found it boring. Sure, a baby deer growing up might be cute for a while, but after that while, there should be a real story popping up somewhere—one with a task or a moral or anything. Instead, the pattern of growing up continues. Adolescence, love, friendship, death, and so on. Some may find it interesting, but I missed an actual plot. So, in short, I felt like I was watching a goldfish grow up in a bowl. Because of that, I didn't care about any of the characters, and that's why I have no particular opinion on the film.

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