Cruella ★★★½

Whatever you say, Cruella...

I usually go into Disney live-action adaptations with extremely low expectations, but after many positive reviews I heard from friends, I was really excited to check this out. From some of the pictures and the posters, this seemed right up my alley and it definitely was. This was so much fun! A beautifully and artistically styled film that sets the mood for the dark and cynical title character, Cruella just feels rebellious and makes you want to root for a true villain and horrific person. Emma Stone completely embodied the character alongside Emma Thompson who portrayed a Miranda Presley type character to Cruella. It was truly a gift to see these two act together on the big screen.

The biggest gripe I had with the film was the overuse of soundtrack songs in the film and not enough score. There could have easily been a balance between the two, but I just felt there was a new 70's song playing every 5 minutes. In addition, I don't really see this as an origin story for the Cruella we all know from the animated film, but as a fresh start for a new and improved villain (who doesn't skin puppies thankfully), and I love the new direction they went with this character. Sure, the film makes the audience sympathize with this wicked character but I was on board for it. I see Cruella as one of the best Disney live-action adaptations to date, which is a low bar for entry.

p.s. if you understood my reference from the first sentence then you’re automatically a cool person

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