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This review may contain spoilers.

Out of the 3 Tarantino movies I've seen, this one is my favorite one. I need to watch more of his films, but Django Unchained is fantastic. Tarantino brings filmmaking to another level with this film. He takes on a subject as sensitive as slavery, so naturally, it creates tense and dramatic tones in certain scenes. Django Unchained brings the story of a slave freed by a German Bounty Hunter and their adventure through the south together. The story has many aspects of perfectly placed humor in a very dark film. I'm glad there were numerous scenes in a movie about this subject matter. The KKK scene of holes in their bags was excellent. It was those little comedic moments that made me fall in love with the film. A Tarantino film is not complete without a crazy killing frenzy scene. I appreciated those subtle comedic remarks that sometimes followed the scenes of tension. That is something I thought was perfect for relieving the tension.

Christoph Waltz plays a charming and confident bounty hunter so brilliantly. To my surprise, he was not the villain of the story. Leonardo DiCaprio delivers one of his best performances of his career. To me, Waltz and DiCaprio were the stars of the movie. The only minor complaint I have was that this movie had no score. Tarantino needs to get himself a composer. Overall, this movie made me feel all types of emotions. It is an excellently written and paced film. It is serious, funny, and action-packed. Django Unchained is one of the best movies of 2012.

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