Groundhog Day ★★★★½

Is it ironic how rewatchable this film is?

This movie has as much charm as it has bite, thanks to a fantastic script and Murray's excellent performance. Never dull or cheesy; this wonderful fantasy tale just hits all the right notes. Yes, this film is funny, but make no mistake about it, it is a film with a strong philosophical undertone. This is a quality that separates Groundhog Day from the rest of the movies with similar intent. It deals with the questions that bother us for a better part of our lives, i.e. meaning of life, purpose of life, existentialism, death, god, etc. But by the end of it, you know that something has changed, something you didn't see coming has happened. And then you watch it again only to realize the moment of enlightenment that got away from you the first time.

Every time I am down or losing perspective, this is the movie that eases everything and makes me ask a simple question, "What is important?". This film is one of the absolute great films of the 90s, but more than just a movie for me. This film is a warm, intelligent movie. It lives to its reputation, which is overwhelmingly positive. A lot of substance, all understated, some laughs, respects its audience and delivers points cleverly. A classic in my eyes and yet again never ceases to lose its tough.

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