Nomadland ★★★★

We be the bitches of the badlands.

Nomadland is the kind of movie that I would have found boring and useless given a bad or wrong mental state/mood. However, I decided to watch this late at night, tucked into my bed with all my pillows and blankets in the complete darkness. Basically, it was the perfect setup for me to fall asleep. However, I was so emotionally invested throughout the entire film I couldn't believe how fast a slow-paced film like this went by.

This film is cinematic patience, a bare and beautifully drawn-out experience that paces and feels exactly like the lives and experiences it portrays. The landscapes are stunning, the camerawork intimate and always thoughtful with its choices. The movie makes subtle, deliberate gestures, and it all compiles into something genuinely special. It's hypnotizing in its own unique way, and I haven't really seen anything quite like it before. I want to take a bit to mention the score for the film. Composed by Ludovico Einaudi, it is the perfect accompaniment to this transcendent movie; stark, beautiful, sad, heartfelt, and lonely. It's the sound of the American spirit in today's world of lost forgotten souls with little means, trying to survive and live lives of meaning. In the end, Chloe Zhao has created the essential movie for our times.

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