Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso ★★★½


also loved the way Miyazaki put the old saying of "pigs can't fly" to rest.

I admire how Ghibli films are so creative and imaginative and yet they still leave enough for the viewer to imagine and visualize other aspects beyond the film. Porco Rosso is no exception.

Porco Rosso is a sympathetic nod from a middle-aged man to his counterparts, to all the guys who had the same dreams of changing the world, getting the girl, and winning the race, and somehow found themselves transformed into stout, middle-aged men with not much to show for all those ideals and dreams. And at the same time, it's also a wonderful children's film. There's a wonderful cast of characters, Fio is among my favorites representing female engineers!

Every frame is well crafted, with some of the most marvelous aerial sequences ever animated and skies so exquisite the background painters should be designing for God. Joe Hisaishi's score is perfectly matched to the flow of every scene. It's got some of the most beautifully romantic musical themes in any Ghibli film. The script is nicely paced and the character development is so well executed. Miyazaki's political and social concerns are clear and well-drawn out. My main issue with the film was that the ending was rushed, as it suddenly just ends. I wish we got some more content of the post dog fight but I guess Miyazaki left it to the viewer for imagination.

Ultimately it's Porco Rosso's magnificent flying machines that are the stars of the film. Their sleek designs, based on 1920s Italian models, and their thrilling animation are where Hayao Miyazaki's imagination really takes flight.

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