Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Your parents must be very proud of you being a doctor.
Well actually they wanted me to be a DJ.
comedic gold!

Showed this to my sister last night and she knew nothing about the film, didn't even watch the trailer (like me). She kept asking questions throughout (don't worry, I always responded with "you'll see" and "just keep watching") and trying to predict what was going to happen. She got a few things right but she could not believe the ending. When the credits started rolling, she sat in silence for 2 minutes and I asked her, "what did you think?". She said, "I loved it so much but I am feeling all sorts of emotions right now". Another success viewing as my sister enjoyed this film almost as much as me!

Promising Young Woman perfects so many aspects of storytelling, characters, acting, music, costumes, etc. Carrey Mulligan gives us an incredible and layered performance of mixed genres. Comedy, thriller, drama, romance as she does it all and keeps the audience hooked. The plot is something we've all seen before, but overall it's an original story which impressive to say the least. The music was great as well, mixing some well-known songs with a blend of dramatic beats made for some repeatable streams on the official playlist. Promising Young Woman is an incredible new take revenge and the anger I think a lot of women feel. As a warning, the ending is difficult, but at the same time, I couldn't see it ending any other way. This film remains my favorite of 2020, and I highly recommend everyone watch it as it is important, intense, exciting, bittersweet, and a great cinematic experience.

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