Spencer ★★★★

Spencer is more of a subtle yet compelling psychological character study than a dramatic biopic. The film is hypnotic and unsettling as it paints a portrait of a woman on the edge. Most of the shots follow Diana so she is in the center frame throughout the entire film making it feel oppressive to the point where she could not escape. Additionally, the film carries a tense and uneasy atmosphere throughout and Kristen Stewart exhibits that anxiety perfectly. I love how the film compares Princess Diana's life to the life and death of Anne Boleyn. In many ways, those two women are similar regarding their experiences with men, their role in the monarchy, and mental trauma.

Johnny Greenwood's score adds to the anxiety-induced fever dream as it combines sinister melodies with jazz. The incorporation of slow jazz and horror-esque music in the film parallels Diana in two ways. The jazz represents the charming flair, complexity, and messiness of Diana, in a way she has to "improvise" many times to try to stay sane. The other themes heard in the film are more intense, melancholic, and compelling which represents what Diana was feeling. She was constantly feeling betrayed, alone, and trapped which the eerie and tragic yet hauntingly beautiful musical themes captured perfectly. Spencer benefits from its high production value, exuberant scenery, astounding cinematography, great camera work, perfect casting choices, beautiful early 90s aesthetic, and vibrant costumes. I was hypnotized by Kristen Stewart's beauty and pain

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