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This review may contain spoilers.

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YEAH, FUCK YOU TOO” - Kurt Russel

My first John Carpenter film in the books! The beginning of this film really threw me off as I was not expecting humans to be shooting at a dog from a helicopter. This "unexpected" feeling ran in me throughout the entire film. This film has an amazing beginning of an excellent horror/thriller film. Right from the very beginning all to the end, I felt the tense, paranoid mood. Helpless and alone out in no-mans land. Ennio Morricone's score is simple, creepy, and ominous; it definitely got me in the right mood. The acting is superb! The best performance is probably given by the dog who's just amazing. All of the actors deliver strong, realistic performances and the special effects are so powerful that they stand as their main character.

The gore effects here are absolutely amazing and messily realistic. I could have done without the dog's head splitting open like a banana peel, but that's just the animal lover in me being picky: kill all the humans you want, but leave the puppies alone. Sanity and reason disintegrate rapidly as, one by one, the humans are taken over by the shapeshifting alien. The power of this film lies in its paranoia as the real threat lies within and is scarier for the fact that it cannot be seen or easily detected. When it is forced out of hiding, it's wrath is huge, and the results are horrific. I strongly recommend everyone watch this one. It's unsettling, horrifying, and it even had me questioning myself at one point. 'The Thing' is a rare combination of an unconventional story and inspired visuals which has aged excellently through time.

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