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  • Saboteur



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    Saboteur is often viewed as being second rate Hitchcock. It has often been overlooked in favour of many of his other films. Many of the reviews that I have read for this film in the past have often described it as being good but nothing special. I think that this is very unfair because Saboteur is a bloody great thriller. I really enjoyed this film and think it should be held in much higher regard.…

  • The Hunger

    The Hunger


    The Hunger is one of the films that I have changed my opinion on the most. I really liked this film when I watched it for the first time last year. Since then, I've read the book which itself is an excellent reimagining of the vampire mythology. When I re-watched The Hunger today, many of the flaws that I picked up on last time seemed to vanish. The film gets the essence of the book and it's characters perfectly while…

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  • Arsenic and Old Lace

    Arsenic and Old Lace


    This was a lot of fun. Arsenic and Old Lace is a classic black comedy. Cary Grant and comedy was always a match made in heaven and Arsenic and Old Lace is no exception. It isn't flawless but is still wonderfully entertaining.

    The film follows Mortimer Brewster, a writer who has repeatedly denounced marriage as "an old fashioned superstition". Mortimer falls in love with Elaine Harper, the minister's daughter who grew up next door to him. They decide to head…

  • Used Cars

    Used Cars


    Used Cars is a rather underrated film which is a shame as it's a totally charming comedy. It is a bit rough around the edges but that is what adds to it's charm. The film follows a Rudy Russo, a hot-shot used car salesman. He is trying to save the New Deal Used Car lot where he works after it's owner dies. Rudy wants to stop the lot from falling into the hands of the previous owner's ruthless brother. The…