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  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco


    This feels like a Wes Anderson film if Wes Anderson casted more People of Color

  • Just Mercy

    Just Mercy


    Some important quotes:

    “It [the trial] becomes a test of whether we are gonna be governed by fear and by anger or by the rule of law”

    “If we’re just gonna accept the system that treats you better if you’re rich and guilty than if you’re poor and innocent then, then we can’t claim to be just”

    “That’s not the law, that’s not justice, that’s not right”

    “We can’t change the world with just ideas in our minds, we need conviction in our hearts”

    “Hopelessness is the enemy of justice”

    In conclusion,
    The system is corrupt, ACAB.

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Made me nauseous

  • Clueless



    It was good except for the fact that she falls in love with her ex-step brother. Like, I understand that Paul Rudd is charming but, he was also at one point technically her brother which is sketchy and gross.

    Also if this were remade today I would like to cast Timothée Chalamet as Elton.