Paterson ★★★★

this premise could have taken every road to being a "pretentious jackhole" type of movie, but instead manages to be a very simple, all encompassing movie about finding the joy in art while living in a less than artistic environment.
too many times before have movies tried to portray being an artist in low income situations, and too many times has it come from an angle of misunderstanding and condesending than actual understanding, but "paterson" does that without seeming to "manage" it. it just does it with sheer perfection, such simplicity and such delicacy, and effort that when it ended, i felt, well i just felt.
i felt the ease and familiarity of paterson's daily schedule, the comfort he got from writing and spending time with his wife, the frustration with marvin, the confusion when something unusual popped up in paterson's daily schedule, and the yearning and fear for something more, while being perfectly content with what you have now.
this was an incredibly well put together movie, and i can only hope that i get half the satisfaction, tenderness, and love, that "paterson" displays.

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