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  • Pussy



    Though I can appreciate it, I’m not the biggest fan of the animation style on show here. I really did appreciate this little film for its message of unashamed female sexuality and power though. Good on MUBI for releasing it on International Women’s Day. 

    I adore short films for the simple fact that they have to pack everything they want to say consicely and entertainingly into meer minutes. It takes real skill to produce something satisfying in such a short space of time. This one very effectively does just that.

  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie

    The LEGO Ninjago Movie


    Incredibly silly, deeply cheesy and entirely tongue-in-cheek but good fun if you’re in the mood for something ridiculous and weirdly saccharine. If you’ve seen any of the other Lego movies, you’ll know exactly what you’re in for with this one. Certainly not as strong as the original Lego movie but still worth a watch.

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  • Only the Brave

    Only the Brave


    I cried. A lot.
    There was a time when I tried to hide my cinema crying but now I just let the tears stream down my cheeks without interference.

    I find you can often judge the quality of a movie by what noises are audible from the audience throughout the showing, and from how many different directions. Like the time I saw 'Dream Girls' and there were actual groans along with an unstifled, incredulous β€œnot again!” when BeyoncΓ© launched into…

  • Maillart's Bridges

    Maillart's Bridges


    I found this one more satisfying than β€˜Sullivan’s Banks’, though I can’t say it was more substantial. 
    What made a real difference for me was the natural settings of the bridges - surrounded by greenery, mountains, flowing water and birdsong. Although the subject of this short observational/biographical piece is obviously the bridges, their surroundings become as much a part of the documentation as anything, and the natural world will always speak to me more than human architecture.
    Having said this,…