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  • Destination Wedding

    Destination Wedding


    Oh, Keanu and Winona...Β 

    I love you both but this was pretty terrible. I really, really wanted to like it more but nothing could bring me to. It doesn’t help that this is essentially a film about two stubbornly incurable cynics and I have a personal vendetta against the very concept of cynicism. I hate self-important misery and that’s what unbridled cynicism most often presents as - this whole film being a case in point.

    Half a star is just…

  • Love, Guaranteed

    Love, Guaranteed


    I watched this because I’d just finished watching Rachael Leigh Cook in the series β€˜Perception’ with Eric McCormack (which I would really recommend - especially for fans of Monk) and I find her very charming. However, this just didn’t hit the mark. It very much feels like a lazy, made-for-TV movie of the Hallmark variety - too clichΓ©d and by-the-numbers, with a β€˜romance’ that feels under-baked and uninteresting. Some of the dialogue could have been snatched straight from a cheesy…

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  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold


    Don’t expect a masterpiece or anything, but this was cute.Β 
    Except the fox... 🦊 I hated the fox. Why was it there? It was wholly pointless for the mechanics of the story and seemed to belong to an entirely different, fully animated film. It just felt silly. Too silly. I guess maybe it was a character from the cartoon that they wanted to include... I never actually watched Dora. I may be wrong but I think I was already too…

  • Enemy



    Like many, I imagine, I audibly said β€˜what the ****?’ as the film ended and the credits started to roll.Β And I admit my immediate thoughts were,Β β€˜what did I just watch?’ and simply, β€˜I don’t get it...’.
    I was ready to write the film off as an oddball that just wasn’t very good. But sometimes it takes reading others reviews and opinions to begin to place and understand a piece of creative work, whatever it may be. This was the case…