Scarface ★★★½

I've not watched many gangster movies, I'm yet to watch The Godfather series, but from what I watched, Scarface, like any other gangster movie tells the same old rags-to-riches tale of a gangster. Tony Montana (Al Pacino), a Cuban refugee turns his life around from being a dishwasher to a drug lord. He sets up a multi-million empire only to lose it in the end.

Pacino clearly stands out with his Cuban-Spanish accent and unique mannerisms even with a hackneyed plot. The characters too are trite—old and about-to-retire drug lord, his young and ravishing damsel in distress, loyal friends who are also hitmen, a mother who rejects her son's ways, and a sister who falls for one of his hitmen. There isn't much to like about Tony. He likes his family and is very protective of his sister. I guess for a drug lord, it's enough to establish his human side. He disrespects his woman who clearly is not a great wife as they both like to get high on their own stuff. That's what they do mostly. Ironically, in one of the scenes, she warns him metaphorically saying "Don't get high on your own supply".

There's never a dull moment but, in my opinion, it doesn't fit the ilk of the greatest gangster movies mainly because it offers nothing refreshing. Women as usual get a scene each to shine. The film never deviates from the gangster vibe, the gold-plated everything in Tony's house, actors snorting mountains of cocaine, nightclub scenes, and drug deals, all done brilliantly. Pacino's introduction scene is the highlight of the movie. Definitely a gem in his filmography, he delivers one of the most memorable performances.

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