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  • The Fortune Cookie

    The Fortune Cookie

    Weird to watch a film by Wilder/Diamond with a great premise and two of the best actors of their time and feel like it dragged on.

    Not a bad film at all - I’d even say it’s good, but “slow pacing” should never describe a comedy. I just kept wishing it was 90 mins with fewer plot lines.

  • After Hours

    After Hours

    Great movie to watch when you’re down. This guy’s life sucks.

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  • Husbands


    Wish I could have a midlife crisis with the fellas.

  • Where Is My Friend's House?

    Where Is My Friend's House?

    Kiarostami succeeds in showing us the everyday beauty of Koker, Iran and arguing against the effectiveness of authoritarian and corporal punishment in the span of ~90 mins through a very important errand that almost no one but the main character (who has almost no agency) takes seriously.

    The moral, Iranian answer to the first half of 400 Blows.