• The Velvet Underground

    The Velvet Underground

    Pretty serviceable and in depth. Learned a lot.

  • Vortex


    Very tragic, personal, and intimate. The splitscreen format works to make the viewer feel like a third party watching a marriage and health decline.

  • The Mischief Makers

    The Mischief Makers

    Renoir said that you only really make one film, and every film made after that is a remake of it. Not sure if that is true but it could be the case for Truffaut. Every aspect of the Antoine films, among many others, is here: the awakening of sexual interest in boys, mischief, a feeling of leisurely trouble-making, school time, a nostalgic filter to adolescence. Homage to previous films appear as well as a few fun twists.

  • The Garment Jungle

    The Garment Jungle

    Very engaging noir in an unusual setting. Murder, unions, corruption, son and father drama, and a few plot twists. Very competently made and acted.

  • Suzhou River

    Suzhou River

    Now and then I'll pick a film out of my watchlist that I barely remember adding and still be blown away. Suzhou River is one of those films. The base story is engaging if not classic — a presumed dead woman and the man who loved her searching around. However, what sets Suzhou apart, much like most modern East Asian films, is the style and camera work. The story is told via what seems a distant observer (it even starts…

  • Nights of Cabiria

    Nights of Cabiria

    One of those films that instantly go on my top 4. Much like with La Strada, Masina and Fellini are able to create an entertaining and empathetic character. However, unlike the naive Gelsomina, Cabiria is optimistic yet worldly. Her plight is more relevant to us — she's just looking for happiness, security, and love.

    Lots of feeling and thoughts to sort through still, will have to rewatch.

  • Private Property

    Private Property

    Short and sweet (though a slow burn) low budget thriller with tones of class distinctions and romance. The final act is impressively shot for the time and budget.

  • Fire Music

    Fire Music

    Loved how it focused on the community of players and the support each one had for the other.

  • Dark Victory

    Dark Victory

    Davis killed it at portraying someone privileged enough to think she's invincible feeling her life unravel slowly (literally). Otherwise didn't really hook me in though.

  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon

    His best film.

  • GoodFellas


    Watched it with my own good fellas.

  • The Thin Red Line

    The Thin Red Line

    Enjoyed this more than I thought. I loved Days of Heaven, and I liked Badlands, but was skeptical of Malick's style mixed with war and a three hour run time. Happy to be proven wrong — not only does the voiceover and introspection really grab you but the actual battle scenes are some of the most tense and engaging I've seen.