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  • The Godfather
  • Deep Red
  • The Stupids

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  • Walker



    Melville (Herman) and McCarthy meet Herzog, Kubrick, and Peckinpah. Bizarre and fascinating.

  • The Stupids

    The Stupids


    “One minute you’re tracking down the head of a global conspiracy, and the next minute, poof, it’s all over. Sure puts things in perspective.”

    “We’d have to form our own country!”
    “We could call it Stupidia!”

    “They may have knives and guns and missiles and bombs, but we’re armed with the fact that what we’re doing is right.”

    Landis’ Big Trouble in Little China, or Forrest Gump but good. An often hilarious satire on Americans—the titular Stupids—who, predictably enough, were and are too stupid to appreciate it.

Popular reviews

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    Somehow both a slow burner and a roller coaster, going from Hitchcock to De Palma to Lynch to the Coens to Shane Black to “Alex Jones explains Evangelion” in 139 minutes. Had it been a bit more emotional, erotic, and operatic (and shot on film), it would have been the most “me” movie ever made.

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    Most people who talk about “misogyny” in film have no idea what misogyny is, because they have no understanding of different cultures. Misogyny is not one thing. Catholic misogyny and Protestant misogyny are completely different. There is a sense in which, for example, both Hitchcock and Carpenter are misogynists. But a Catholic man hates women because or when his love is unrequited—“they won’t fuck me, therefore I’ll kill and/or rape them.” Catholic misogyny is, so to speak, purely emotional. Protestant…