Nicky Otis Smith

“HAPPINESS IS NOT ALWAYS FUN” — Filmmaker/Writer/Musician — Editor & Publisher of THE SERVANT, a film zine for Baltimore and beyond.

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  • Bad Timing
  • In a Year with 13 Moons
  • News from Home
  • They All Laughed

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  • The Deadly Companions


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  • Dry Summer

    Dry Summer


    class struggle + slapstick / screwball comedy. this movie is so hilarious and insane. main guy is homer simpson but meaner and with no heart. very much like a cartoon in its simplicity, composition, dialogue & sound effects, gags, pace, and pitch. the dresser gag is so great. you have to see it.

  • Death in Venice

    Death in Venice


    I remember watching this about a year ago and thinking how much it would suck to live during a plague when all the authorities are lying, avoiding responsibility, and clearly panicked themselves...... LOL!