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  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York

    brutal reflection of the artist trying to make something of their pain. while i feel like this concept might be reflected upon better elsewhere (watch bojack horseman's good damage), or at least in an easier way to watch, the self-indulgence here really only adds to the message of the film, much like with adaptation. while this movie doesn't contain itself it does build layers upon layers of abstraction over the artist's life in a manner which feels incoherent and yet…

  • Bottoms



    really fun (and funny)! feel like it taps into a more refreshing type of gen z comedy. not afraid to be edgy in clever ways. rachel and ayo have very good chemistry. this movie definitely owes a lot to the past (fight club, heathers?, mean girls, etc) but it doesn't feel like it's any less for incorporating these references, nor does it feel like dishonest or surface level tribute. it's able to update the satire which all its high school…

Popular reviews

  • Oppenheimer



    definitely better than i expected it to be. still full of nolanisms which, while still keeping a steady and fun pace, detracted from the experience a bit. i wanted more of the harrowing trial and personal life and less quips/2 minute cameos from Historical Figure 5. the car pulling away to reveal einstein behind it was comical, felt very marvel.

    various lines also had some unintended comedy to them, felt a bit beautiful mind-esque. while not nearly as bad as…

  • Nope


    the first half is a bit disjointed, some great moments, particularly everything between the haywoods, but also plays a bit loose with the core idea of humans making a spectacle out of their environment. jupe does feel a bit more like part of peele's thesis statement compared to his own developed character. the way his trauma unfolds is interesting but not as fleshed out as i felt it could be, leaving a bit of dissatisfaction.

    the final event of the movie though is perfect. so fun to watch.