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  • The Killer of Dolls


  • The City of the Dead


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  • The Killer of Dolls

    The Killer of Dolls


    Oo Wow! That guy Paul has some real shits going-on in his brain.. but I'm so shamelessly saying it now that more the weirdo-guy starts behaving more awkwardly insane than what he allready is, more it starts to get funnier but again as THE KILLER OF DOLLS pinches it's psycho-killer weirdo-boy character more so often who happens to be in same age as mine, also happens to be in same fear of REAL blood in real sense and also happens…

  • The City of the Dead

    The City of the Dead


    An old-school horror gimmick from golden 60's, mostly feeds it's audiences with the over-fantasized foggy-gothic atmosphere which's getting increasingly heavier by time with the overreaching play of conflict in between facts of unrestrained superstitions and logics of scientific overview. In my view, the town of Whitewood, here, in many ways seems very analogous to the nightmare-town of Silent Hill as those heavy counter-layers of fog, surrounding at everywhere around, suggest us so but it's felt more of a PSYCHO rip-off…

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  • Soul





    Almost Pixar's all films hit at exact same nodes of emotion at my heart everytime while I've watched them. And SOUL isn't a exception. Not only for me but also I think for many of movie lovers It's the most anticipated film of his whole year. And after some deliberate delays finally it got released in Disney+. So as usual my excitement is almost reaching the height of the sky for this. And it's really a great experience,…

  • Another Round

    Another Round




    This crazy version of Mads Mikkelsen teaching his students as a History teacher, struggling with usual midlife crysis, drinking n drinking n drinking tooo much alcohol with his 3 friends and dancing and drinking again...this makes me insist to give this film a definite ANOTHER ROUND!! I watched this film yesterday and revisited this once again and equally enjoyed whole film as much as first, Specially last 5 mins that DANCING MIKKLESEN showing his charisma in Jazz ballet…