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Army of the Dead ★★★



After proving his superiority in making Superhero genre films, Snyder is all set in his way to make something under Super Villain genre, and in such case what's there more famous and more superior than zombies in this world? It's been 17 years since he has made his first debut feature film about zombie outbreak I.e DAWN OF THE DEAD in 2004 which was a remake of George A. Romero’s 1978 famous zombie classic of the same name. Now I have neither watched Romero's DOD nor even Snyder's remake case of Zombie movies I have only seen a few. But honestly when it comes to Zombie horror action flick I'm always ready to enjoy the dumbness of these kinda movie instead of spoiling a "would be" raw fun experience by being a strict critique...Zombie means dumbie,"more dumb means more enjoyable". And Zack's ARMY OF THE DEAD is intelligent in becoming a dumb fuck...yes it's.

There's a father named Scott Ward who doesn't have a good relationship with his daughter (Just a TRAIN TO BUSAN thing) who's alongside a chef, alongside a soldier too and may be a wrestler too idk his body says so(Bautista indeed a former wrestler so nothing to shock about!). His daughter Kate doesn't even know why she hate her father so much, is a volunteer at a quarantine camp. His former lover cum partner I.e Maria Cruz. Another known partner of him who has been managed to come outside the zombie affected area safely in past, Vanderohe. An expert safecracker, a viral personality in social media, a helicopter pilot, a scene-stealing badass coyote and an abusive officer. They are the team. A team for what? For getting 200 million out off the casino which is now Zombies' playground. In exchange they have got 50 millions. The evil man's name is Tanaka who has also appointed a man to look out if this team has really excuted what he has planned for them to do. I think Tanaka is my favourite human character from this film..atleast he has a particular motive. He's evil, he prefers a zombie's head over 200 millions that's okay! But wtf It's looked like other leads have just been instructed to fight and kill and shot the zombies right in their heads as much as they can till their deaths can apart them from these zombieland. Ward and Kate don't know why they didn't talk with each other in all these years, Maria comes with Ward in a mission which confirms her death just because she wants to spend time with him, Kate comes to die and rot inside Zombie infested zone just to make sure her fellow volunteer so called friend I.e Geeta is still alive or not, that crazy "famous in social media" guy comes in to the mission to shot few zombies and take selfies? Awww God knows what these characters really want to do? Even some of the zombies here have more character depth than the humans, for God's sake..atleast find something worth watching in these whole two and half hours film. Weak characterizations, completely muddled up themes, useless dialogues though few had some undertone political statements inside but eventually all of them have just felt like they've nothing to do with the plot story and just faded away, forced emotional punches and too much long runtime..overall there are only bunch of negatives what one can dig into from this new Zombie extravaganza. But as I've said earlier "more dumb means more enjoyable", yes it's dumb but it's not that funny what I've expected from it. Still let's say it's okay.. as just like 21st centuries' other Zombie installments like WORLD WAR Z it offers that refreshing action packed zombie killings with colour full, bright colour palette and fast paced raw enjoyment what a average "zombie film nerd" wants to watch. And there it was really amazing and eye catchy.

I still think about how it was started that was really something! So much promising..a newly married couple who're in very much love, inside a car which is going through a highway..they can't wait to make love with each other...don't need to say accident is inviteible. While in opposite direction a truck coming with a mysterious box from Area 51 by a U.S. military convoy..driver is too busy to guess what's inside the box with his fellow crewmate sitting next to him. A teribble collision between two cars leads to unleash a human weapon, who was bioengineered with extraterrestrial DNA. The enhanced zombie kills a number of soldiers while infecting two others. The zombies head to Las Vegas and infecting most of the city's population is the open credit scene which sets up a huge expectation including a obvious ZOMBIELAND vibes...flesh eater monsters are on their way to take over the responsibility of Las Vegas' casino in their hands! And they’re consuming unsuspecting tourists just as quickly. Cannibalistic teribble looking bloody gory topless showgirls prowl for their prey. Slot-machine junkies bundling up their remaining pittance dodge the newly infected. A dimwitted Elvis impersonator looks blankly over the carnage as Richard Cheese’s elegiac cover of “Viva Las Vegas” soundtracks the zany bloodshed. In the meantime of this seemingly never ending opening credit shot, Snyder introduces three main figures of the story one by one by taking a little bit more Ward, Maria and Vanderohe they're the one who make their way out off the Zombie zone safely. It's definitely the largest opening credit shot I've ever seen but it's beautiful..I really really wish if this whole film would become as just like those raw fun moments of this opening credits. But except Schweighöfer's epic portrayal of Dieter the safecracker in the film, there was nothing funny at all. Lastly even though Zack Snyder's ARMY OF THE DEAD is may be a definite reminiscent of Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD title wise (Nothing new at all, a zombie movie means " ______of the Dead" fill in the blanks as you wish) but story and structure wise it's just a skeleton of what's say a zombie-heist-action genre film with few juicy bloody flesh hanging out from that array of bones! It's just amazing visuals and extraordinary action sequences which makes it watchable otherwise it's not even a close to Jackpot for Snyder.

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