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Sound of Metal ★★★★½



"Sound of Metal" is a film which can burn down any metal by it's heat, it has that kinda heat inside it's story so that the heat radiates from it can also be able to warm anyone's heart. But from my introduction, don't expect this film as a comprehensive, start-to-end exciting and thrilling journey or not an actively musical heavy metal one can guess from it's loud musical beginning scene. Rather than it's opposite..too much internal, quiet and slow burn as well as thought provoking. It's undoubtedly 2020's one of the best, really mesmerizing, great, amazing, and i may can use all other exclamatory words, used for describing greatness of a film.

Most fascinating thing regarding the film's screenplay is even despite of it's slow pacing, it doesn't take too much time to reach the exact point what it wants to convey to it's viewers. Taking the first scene, it starts with a tight close up of Ruben(Riz Ahmed), where he with his girlfriend-cum-accompanist, Lue(Olivia Cooke) they are performing metal music in front of many much loud-rock, barely-hear-anything bgm really disgusted me at that time, but the very next scene is completely quiet, still and nothing but a peaceful relief from that noisy opening where we have first witnessed the sweet relationship between Ruben and Lue. Then film goes too much first forwarded untill it reaches to the main concern of the film..i.e Ruben's unusual sudden loss of his ability to hear anything. At his first meeting with a doctor, he gets word after word wrong in test process by doctor, and he’s told that he may be lost his nearly 90% ability of his hearing, and the rest will likely soon gone.on that time there was totally quitness in background and as well as in Ruben's face too, Ahmed made that scene too close to real by given a realistic look n expressions filled with unknown fear and frustration. Again it doesn't waste too much time to introduce Ruben in a deaf community where he can undo his mood, release his frustration, where he can protect himself from sudden denial of society, where he can get empathy from others like him, where also he can learn how to communicate with others wothout much hearing. And now on from this point film becomes two times more slower but 3 times more interesting.

Film's story is simple and i've watched a plenty of films dealing with problems faced by leads for disabilities of loosing the functionality of some essential organ in body, starting from "KONTTHO", "SHABDO" to "I AM SAM" and so on. But "SOUND OF METAL" is the best movie in that category IMO. Because it not only shows the lead character facining numerous problems in society for his disability but also it takes us in to the mind of the lead character, Ruben and captures the thought process of him.. fragilty of self-existance is clearly visible in Ahmed's character. It's obvious that a character is only be memorable or feel-so-real not only for the development or writing of that character but also a phenomenal devastating performance is mostly needed. And Rising Superstar Riz Ahmed proves himself that he can be afforded to any character what he needs to be. It’s a simple film with a simple small storyline with not-to-much-ingridients in it but what made this film's level so high that it might get a top place in anyone's "2020 MOVIES LIST" i.e exceptional rich performance by Riz Ahmed, his ability to take something so interior n visceral subject like hearing loss in his character and make it so clear as like crystal that anyone can feel the deep-drown emotion of him...make me juzt complete speechless!!!

But film's main noticable aspect is it's sound mixing. Mindblowing!!!! Sometime Loud, sometime completely quit, sometime distorted and sometimes natural sound of environment by juxtaposing all of these it crates a detailed artistry in the bgm makes the film more real, more feelsome, more relevant, more ezy-to-connect. I think this skillful playing in sound design with Ahmed's mind blusting performance takes the large step to feel the story of a man who become deaf by chance from my heart. I wonder how the crew members and composer Nicolas Becker managed to create this bgm with handling different voices, putting those voices together carefully, creating some mechanical distortion in natural voices to give a necessary impact to make us feel in exact same way how Ruben feel after the surgery. In some scenes, voices and percussive sudden tangling are superimposed, as if they were heard from underwater, while in other scenes, Becker and Marder clearly articulate the clangs of everyday life, providing a necessary contrast to the environment the characters experience in each scene. And, of course, there are moments of silence. But even those silents moments were also perfectly placed in those scenes where Ruben felt complete silent after sudden deafness. Such a great attempt to make this film more touchy and feel the exact same way what Ruben like people can feel.

Despite excellent technical aspect and performances the plot story and conclusion also manages to create their own influences on viewers. The 1st act of the film of completely based on "How it to be felt if you go to sleep with a perfectly functioned human body at night and in the morning you suddenly realise you loose your ability of hearing?" Then comes the 2nd act where film shows the emotional stirring on Ruben's character..losing ability of hearing, leaving his gf, starting to live in to a compltly unknown deaf community isn't that ezy, this part shows us both the discomfortness of a depressed character as well as finding comfort by him in his discomfortness And the 3rd or final act shows the strong urge of a person for cure his disability and make himself fit in to society again. I feel what Ruben really feels through out the whole film..ignorance, denial, hopelessness, depression after all of these, Ruben were able to finding happiness again even being a deaf..cus he gets a bunch of friends and a empathic community which gives him a hope "deafness isn't any kind of disability". But he is now desperate to find his "first moment of stillness" that he had experienced with his gf, Lue. But to achieve that 1st moment of happiness he also abandoned unintentionally "His 2nd Moments of stillness" too where he spent quality times with his friends in deaf community. Film ends as like it started with a tight close up on Ruben's face, who now know how to control his emotions!!


🔙 Citizen Kane(1941)...


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