The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★

“You're looking so well, darling, you really are... they've done a marvelous job. I don't know what sort of cream they've put on you down at the morgue, but... I want some”

Have I just seen a monumental sized delicious looking multi layered strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, served in my plate? Moreover, it was all served in such brilliant way in front of me that I just have forgotten to eat it before it's get fully vanished from my eyesight, soon enough but I've no regrets at all as I've eaten enough, I've no place to eat further and I'm allready so full, so satisfied by just looking at it for past one and half hour!

I still wondering how it's even possible to make a film where everything, everyone and every frames are so vibrant, so colourful, so absurd, so unreal and so energetic at the same time?! Wes Anderson is such a dear, he amalgamates such a tremendous powerhouse star casts all in a row from Tilda Swinton in her very old age to Bill Murray in his littlest cameo ever to Adien Broody as a dangerous looking criminal mastermind with a sexy enough iconic moustache to Edward Norton as a dumbhead police officer and last but not least, Williem Dafoe in guise of a cold blooded killer who at some point has just thrown away a Persian cat out of the window in front of everyone before anyone could even realised what has just happened.

Only thing then the man whose cat it was, can say, is,“did he just throw my cat out of the window?” in extreme shock..I couldn't stopped laughing there, I'm still laughing XD.

Moreover it's also perhaps the rare case where nazism (atleast in some senses) is been soo perfectly and deliciously befited in all these bright pinks and whites as that's exactly it, what an intellectual yet absurdist fella like Anderson does if he wants to make a film about barbaric nazi occupation without even mentioning them for a single instant.

Also, thre's one of the funniest encounter in cinema history— few policemen appear and ask for Monsieur Gustave H to arrest him...there M Gustave comes in with utter confidence and says to them,“I knew there was something fishy...we never got the cause of death, she's been murdered, and you think I did it.” And then all of a sudden, he runs out of the way, what else he could do except running?! but unfortunately he gets caught as expected.

Also, a brilliant central performance from ol' man Fiennes as Gustave H. What's so funny about him? M Gustave is a pure gentleman from head to toe as his charming and gentle, enough, appearance tells us so..but that doesn't stop him from being occasionally vulgar though. His speeches are good, though they are little lengthy and his choices? They are A-class indeed, much like Hitchcock, he as well is very much fond of blondies but he likes old women only, old blond women..I mean and they're not just older than him but literally older than anyone else in this living world!

Sweetest line, ever told?!
—“Keep your hands off my lobby boy!”

Also, the voice of Jude Law...uffff, divine!

Also,“Picturesque”, everything is picturesque, indeed!

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