The Guilty

The Guilty ★★½



I think this new THE GUILTY is one of the very few remakes which I've seen so far that always through out the runtime never tries to do anything stupid or out of the topic over than the original 2018 version! It's always been loyal to it's source and whatever littlest mass Fuqua and his writer Pizzolatto adds extra in here that was necessary either to americanise a foreign thriller or to give an extra slice of gravity to the subject matter and the equivalent themes regarding aloofness in police authority or silliness in ill-judged masculinity! But I didn't even love the original version which was vastly acclaimed as one of the best in the year..the reason was my dissapointment at the end twist which I could see from miles away. Still I can't ignore the masterfully established tension and through on suspense, derived from forced perspective what Hitchcock would love to watch— that somewhat made THE GUILTY something better for me which's more than just an average guilty pleasure with a decent plot as it offered an authentic venture into a 911 dispatch centre where people shouts for help! But at this time when Gyllenhaal returns with a remake of THE GUILTY, I've expected they might have changed something or add something which could've make the end twist a little more inaccessible...but nothing such fantasy comes true in here, even they've changed not a thing as if same THE GUILTY is playing on my computer screen with American faces!— may be that was a good descision but whoever has allready seen 2018's THE GUILTY, they hardly can feel the tension and suspense in such way what they might've felt while watching the original as expected.

A police man worked as an operator in 911 dispatch centre, distracted allready by his own personal shits becomes involved with a case of woman's abduction which when finally gets resolved after a very long night shift, flashes out his own load of stresses and makes him vulnerable to realise what's the thin line in between right and wrong with a practical eye. Now, THE GUILTY isn't a character driven drama...yes, in some portions may be it seems like that but in it's centre, it's a thriller which highly feeds on the suspense and performance of it's lead who is the only single character in the whole film as well. In case of performances, Gyllenhaal is GREAT— he acts by his eyes, expressions, voice and face which's much needed to portray a character, tormented by guilt, male ego and self pride...such a delight to see him in such role— no doubt he's one my best known actor who can play anything what's given to him. But there in original I think writting of the lead character, Asger Holm( Played by outstanding Cedergren, substituted here with Gyllenhaal's Joe) was much more subtler, unpredictable and deliciously layered. Thus when he's about to explore the skepticism of his mind regarding whatever wrong he has done back in time and what he's going to do by again falsely trying to support his crime— that gives actual punch to the story and we can understand there true significance of it's title wasn't just finding who's GUILTY in a story rather it's mainly about realising the actual GUILT for an offender for whatever crime he has committed in past! And when I think about this aspect of THE GUILTY, I can see Gyllenhaal's character, Joe is much more open and loud with respect to Asger what makes Joe a egoistic creep allready from the beginning and that's definitely not a good choice as figuring it out what type of personality Asger holds in original...that also created a loop of suspense which plays simultaneously with the central suspense of the film. I have to say film's central suspense is intact in here as like the original but sadly Pizzolatto certainly has missed that opportunity to make a character interesting to read!

I love suspense dramas (who else doesn't? )and undoubtedly THE GUILTY is successful to withhold the rich suspense till the very end of the story, for that obviously integral credit goes to Fuqua's solid direction, Gyllenhaal's satisfactory one man show, Makhani's much used and well utilised long unbroken shots unfolding jaw dropping suspense with time along with few interesting closeup on Gyllenhaal's depressed face with momentary intensities and obviously intriguing voice of Riley Keough in her role of abducted woman Lighton...but as we see, things are always different with remakes and we who have allready seen the original doesn't enjoy all these same things happening once again in same way as we could in the time of original— it's just the fact, everything looks repetitive and that cuts away a major excitement of watching a movie! So in conclusion , there's definitely few weakness but there's also few positives in this remake which we can't just ignore...But perhaps THE GUILTY can work better with them who hasn't watched it before back in 2018!

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