The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★



Well I knew about this one since a long time before it's release, but neither I feel any excitement to watch this then nor after watching it's trailer. But then comes 1st May, a thousand of positive reviews line up in LB one in a row. And I was just dive in to it without even thinking too much. What I have found that's throughly energetic, raw fun, enjoyment, sadness, love, grief, excitement, humours, lessons of life and lesson of being happy while staying inside a family as well as lesson of being happy while saying goodbye to someone close for his/her own good...every second of the movie literally gives the feeling of refreshment, feeling of happiness of witnessing some exquisitively colourful animation and also feeling of watching some back dated tropes of developing a scifi movie under a modern day foil pack.

Sony picture animation is on it's "path of glory", no doubt THE MITCHELLS vs THE MACHINES is beautiful and masterfully animated feature, directed by Michael Rianda, and written by Rianda and Jeff Rowe. But the most highlighted segment of it's crew section is it's producer duo i.e Phil Lord & Chris Miller who are undoubtedly creative in their works since their first time collaboration, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS and then followed by series of phenomenally crafted animations they have reached the ultimatum i.e oscar winner in best animated feature section SPIDER MAN INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE..the extraordinary animation with mixture of bright colours along with comic bookly features and street art as visual presentation. Well MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES is like to it's former, presenting an apocalyptic world which has been taken over by some bunch of robots who are controlled by just a mobile phone assistant feature, Pal after being betrayed by her correspinding human user..the animation is definitely something which is a definite eye treat but most impressive thing to notice is how it presents a story by not only using YouTube as medium but also It uses viral and funny videos from YouTube as important part of the that's called innovation!

I always found the animations movies' stories a way more interesting and hard hitting over any other feature films but it needs to make me sure that what it gives to me that story must has humane characters and undertone themes along with the version of reality under the surface of colourful fantasy. And MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES has worth watching because it underlines something which has needed to be highlighted in front of people of nowadays to save the humanity and to save the relationships in a family. Actually what's the main problem with nowadays family dynamics is the "lack of communication" and "the long generation gap between parents and their descendants". People from 90's or 80's who's our father and mother they were accustomed to live with back dated past, their thinking process is vastly affected by how they were used to live in their childhood days. They used to play with friends, they used to stay more closer to nature, so it's may be so obvious for them to hate something which be the main reason of creating difficulties to make connections with others. Then at somedays the most happiest moment comes in their lives, their children has born. They start to make sacrifices, they start to give every bit of their efforts to grow their children up, slowly those lovely little fellas who're now finding the atmost peace, protection and enjoyment in the lap of their patents today, tomorrow in their near adult ages, they become distant, too busy of playing games, focusing on their own piece of interests, finding their comforts infront of blue light coming from some stupid digital boxes. But what they don't understand that's the sentiment of their children. Parents are always intended to protect their children, they always need those children to make feel them happy as they are the only source of happiness for them now. But they need to understand things by overcoming their selfishn intents of staying happy. They need to understand they are raising their children for leaving them at once to the door of their places of interests for their owns' goodness. This isn't any kind of movie whoose main soul lies under it's scifi tag nor even it's crazy robot vs one single family fighting action sequences. It's life is it's family mechanism which is really hard hitting and relevant and special.

Film starts with Kattie, the elder daughter of the family describing how her family is imperfect but they're way more perfect still. And yes they are imperfect, dysfunctional..this family has a father who gives screw drivers to everyone as gifts, family has a woman who occasionally makes cupcakes resembling to everyone of her family's faces, family has a kid boy who's a dinosaur lover nerd, and it has a crazy bitch young girl daughter who makes short films with her crazy abnormal looking dog all the time and moreover they don't have a perfect dog too. From beginning of first scene there are certain reasons for us to think whole film might gonna be presented in Kattie's way of thinking to her father and how her perspective changes with time presumably the story of the movie. But it's not just how a daughter thinks about to her father. Rather then it doesn't really stabilise the perspective on which whole film has been said even though narrator of the film is always Kattie. It's more felt like watching how a father-daughter relationship got better with time by a "simple seemingly boaring road trip which turns in to action filled crazy journey of self realization" in the eyes of a mere onlooker. Noone says the story. It's just what it is, what's the thousand of father-daughter relationship used to be in recent times. Film slowly shifts it's way of storytelling by giving enough respites to both sides of the relationship to tell their likes and argue about their faults by talking each other and most importantly to understand individual's faults.

The Mitchell family isn't perfect and that's why they are special, that's why they are the last remaining family on Earth who has the power in their hands to fight against the bunch of robots army who have planned to abandon the humanity from the world. They are weird that's why they succeed, fortunately Mr. Mitchell gives everyone screw drivers that help to unlock them from the prison system, fortunately Kattie had been making bunch of peculiar looking short films with the help of her imperfect crazy funny looking dog which help to confuse those robots who are on their way to lock them up, fortunately this family has a woman who even can create emotion inside robots by her motherly affection, fortunately they had a funny looking cute dog who has been hard to be he dog or is he pig or is he a loaf of bread..he destroys those robo monsters by not even touching them. The family might be looked or even felt complete imperfect as they haven't any connection with each other. But they have each other to save each other's back. And that's the spirit behind of a "perfect family". Lastly this resonant yet exciting, enthralling story of "a family rediscovering their connection with each other" in writer and director's way of presentation and storytelling may looked like we have been transported in a world of fantasy which is far away from reality, but that's not situates in the Earth, in the real world, inside the heart of humanity, to reach there most of the films lost their way in middle of the road.





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