Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½



I thought Guy Ritchie's film is like chewing fingernails alongside laughing out loud, all credits goes to his exceptionally different writing style accustomed by high tension of ongoing plotline along with situational dark humour and fleeting oneliners...yes I'm missing deadly that Guy Ritchie who has made films like SNATCH and LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS. His new feature film WRATH OF MAN is a good looking one but eventually it's again ends up as a regular average Guy Ritche mess up. What's the point of my dislike in his previous year's release THE GENTLEMEN was "a lots of things going on simultaneously so that at once it's just felt really hard to keep track of everything and I was just about to forget about some portion of it before even finishing the whole film"..well this time Ritchie has overcome that problem of messing everything up by creating hodgepodge with some hundreds or thousands of colourful somewhat weird, somewhat practical and somewhat useless characters but now here he's trying to mimicry himself what he has done in SNATCH, trying to make such trickiest quirkiest plot once again by mixing up chilling coldness of 90's Gangster drama like HEAT and ends up by creating a new mess.

No doubt starts and ends of a Ritchie film are always high. And that's applicable for HERE too. It starts as expected quite unexpectedly by showing us the central pivotal moment of this whole film from inside of a truck which's going to be robbed within few minutes, it's a well organised heist where characters are quiet inspired by Ritchie's Special mantra i.e "Do or die" or in other words " Killed or to be killed". Latter it's got revealed that the heist takes place on an armored truck by a gang lead by a man called Jackson. And latter it's got revealed one member of the gang, Jan shot those guards who was in charge of guarding that money filled truck alongside he also shot a young boy six times at several places of his body who's just waiting there in a car for her dad to come for him with two burritos. And latter again it's got revealed that young boy's name is Dougie and he's the son of a cold blooded sociopath, Pattrick Hills aka H, who's the protagonist of the film which's quite evident from first few minutes of the movie. Who is H? and why the hell he's determined to kill those hired goons who keep on robbing from those Frontico trucks ? And why even he's quite expertised to kill every fuckers who dare to come in his way? The biggest problem of the movie is it's way of giving answers and explanations to us, this is partly because of the non linear structure of the movie, repeating its main set pieces in atmost roundabout way from several different POVs of several different groups over and over and over again, and it looks even much more dull as what it's trying to become I.e HEAT, a masterclass genre classics which have done it quite masterfully and a way more better than Ritchie's take.

The dialogues which were at once Guy's main weapons, even they have been felt quite flat and somewhat inane. At once in the middle of the movie, a coworker of H in armored Frontico vehicle states him as "dark spirit" and in next seconds they repeat the similar line: “A dark fucking spirit.” as the film’s segments are divided into discrete chapters. The title of this chapter was “A Dark Spirit.” I mean what the hell! A plenty examples of such foolish choices of dialogues which means nothing at all..Take the very opening scene where two guards are interacting with each other discussing about a cup of coffee?.."You ever thought about, uh, buying a coffee maker?” one guard awkwardly asks the other in the prelude to that opening heist scene. “A coffee maker?” “You know, the one that’s got that froster thing?” “Oh yeah, the frother. I got you.” “That way you can, you know, make your own cappuccino.” Is this supposed to be spontaneous or even has it any natural meaning at all? Just Ridiculous! The themes are always be the same in a Ritchie film I.e it's impossible to point out who's more Evil ? As everyone is keeping their individual plans for abandoning others. Plans under plans, plenty of smaller schemes inside a bigger one. Noone in his made up universe doesn't have beliefs in even any of their teammates too.There has always present a similar idea here, of course, about masculinity encircled, about the uncertainty of life how fate has nothing to do with how much badass one is! It's completely unpredictable to reassure what'll going to happen in next moment even a hunter can become a prey. But raw ideas hanging from a mass less time juggling plot filled with ridiculous dialogues cannot be able to appeal me atleast.

Then come the ending which's even quite predictable in nature too that's definitely uncommon from a Ritchie film but whatever atleast it appeals me, the last part of the movie is called THE LIVER, THE LUNGS, THE SPLEEN AND THE HEART the different spots where H's son, Dougie gets shot by Jan in opening heist scene. Finally H killed Jan by shooting his Liver, lungs, spleen and Heart that ending has some definite moments. And at the end I've to agree the firing, gun shot inside the Frantico Depot has been executed perfectly. Overall WRATH OF MAN is a revenge thriller by heart with multiple shoot-outs and heists upon heists. It's antagonist served as the lead of the movie I.e Statham as Cold blooded killer cum mob boss cum sociopath 'H', has been brilliantly portrayed by Statham..though his early life when he was also a family man alongside a boss of a crime syndicate felt a little cold. There wasn't even a brief emotions in H while talking with his wife after his son's death. Well that may be what's the H's character looked like. Lastly let's me acknowledge, except it's background score and H's "bad spirit" character along with few well choreographed action sequences of gun firing, there's only dissapointments which leads to Wrath of mine on myself for expecting something new from the Guy who just has shown that he came back again to the intricate, multi-character crime dramas on which he initially made his name but also he has assured whatever he's making and going to make that will gonna be a quite dissapointing mess with few obnoxious jokes.





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