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  • The World, the Flesh and the Devil

    The World, the Flesh and the Devil


    Harry Belafonte's Ralph Burton is trapped down a mine, but no one comes to save him. When he's struggled to find a way out, he finds the world empty. No one around, cars deserted with the doors wide open, no radio. In the most endearing case of exposition I've ever witnessed, he finds a newspaper with a stark headline: the world is ending. Glad they got that final edition in.

    From an abandoned town in Pennsylvania, Ralph makes his way…

  • We Think the World of You

    We Think the World of You


    Affecting, understated drama about middle-aged Frank, twentysomething Johnny, and an Alsatian. Frank is called one day by Johnny's pregnant wife to say Johnny is in prison after being caught breaking into a house.

    Frank visits Johnny in a holding cell, where it becomes clear they were once romantically involved. Johnny tearfully begs Frank to take care of his beloved dog, Evie, but Frank worries about the care dogs require, making it clear he is not able to care for Evie…

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  • Julia



    Fantastic archive footage, well worth a watch just to get a sense of culinary culture in America and France after the war. Massively hagiographic, but I'll admit Julia Child does come off as a special, determined woman - the tone isn't too surprising when the Julia Child Foundation was so heavily involved in the making of the film.

    As someone from The Netherlands, it'll never fail to bemuse and depress me how the Second World War is often framed as…

  • Fire Island

    Fire Island


    Sweet, funny and entertaining, this was a little ray of sunshine in a profoundly depressing weekend. I loved how this took the idea of the-friend-group-as-family and combined that with Pride and Prejudice, with all of the friends taking on the role of a Bennett.

    I really enjoyed the banter between the group, but the Pride and Prejudice-subplot felt a little forced when it came to the hemming and hawing between Noah and Will. The arc of enemies-to-lovers has been done…

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  • Tall Girl

    Tall Girl


    This is getting massively shat upon on Letterboxd, but I loved this. I grew up tall - had to undress yearly in front of "growth doctors" to make sure I didn't grow uncomfortably tall - was always in the same spot in school photos, next to the teacher - was always sat in the back in class because I needed a bigger desk - have worn European size 44 shoes since age 12 - have never learned to walk in…

  • Girl, Interrupted

    Girl, Interrupted


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It's rare for me to revisit a film and actually bump up its rating. I watched this film many, many times as a teenager because I loved Winona, had it on VHS, and I related to the film in some ways. Also, just really loved the songs and look of the film.

    Only now do I realise how special a film it really was.

    Just as I mentioned in my review for How Stella Got Her Groove Back, the release…