Accident ★★

During my Master's in American Studies, I made a sport out of using '10 Things I Hate About You' and 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' as often as I could in our mandatory reaction posts. I remember being especially proud of my post about Adorno ("can you ever just be whelmed?"). Watching 'Accident', I was reminded of a different A+ quote from '10 Things', one I sadly never got to use in University: "Does this chick have beer-flavoured nipples, or something?"

This starts promising, if tortutously slow, with a mysterious car crash and an unforgettable shot of a drunk Jacqueline Sassard's 1960s kitten heel stepping on her dead fiancé's face as she clambers out of an overturned car. Soon, you get a sense the suspenseful soundtrack and meaningful, pained glances are there just to cover up the fact that this a film about how several dudes want to bang some Austrian chick. Of course they all get hurt in the process, but as it's the 1960s, the men can't help it and the girl is just an immoral European praying mantis-type maneater, when really the ending is just vom-inducing.

I was recommended this film by a lovely volunteer, a retired film lecturer, at London's Syon House, which features briefly as a party venue. I enjoyed our chat far more than this film.