Adult Beginners

Adult Beginners ★★★½

An estranged brother and sister reunite in their old family home, both realising their lives have not turned out as they had expected. Sound familiar? That's because 'The Skeleton Twins' probably did it better.

Although I'm not a big fan of Comedy Central sketch shows, I will admit to finding Nick Kroll funny some of the time, and Rose Byrne is always quite lovely. It's kind of difficult to believe them as brother and sister, but they have enough chemistry to pull it off. I do wonder if Rose Byrne is getting sick and tired of always playing the straight character.

This film lacks the subtlely and drama of 'The Skeleton Twins', which was really about something while making it look like it wasn't. This film looks like it's about nothing, but then really is about nothing which makes it a hollow experience. There are some small hints of real connection between the brother and sister, but when the rest of the film feels aimless those feel more like happy accidents. With the little kid on board, the film does sometimes steer into sentimental territory at times, but luckily guest appearances by Bobby Moynihan (whom I love) and Jason Mantzoukas save the film from becoming too schmaltzy.

Nick Kroll wearing a 'Cats' sweatshirt is oddly funny, and it's a nice way to spend 90-or-so minutes. A harmless film, but you'd hope for more.