Bright Days Ahead

Bright Days Ahead ★★★½

A perfect film for my Life Begins at 60?-list. Bless the French for daring to make a film that looks at an older woman's sexuality.

After a traumatic year, Caroline (Fanny Ardant, gorgeous as always) is given a membership to a retirement club by her daughters. At the club she takes computer classes, yoga and drama. She meets a man much younger than herself and the two have an affair.

While the film doesn't give the viewer much insight into Caroline's life, it's a beautiful little study of just that moment in her life. It's not overly complicated (the film or her life), the affair doesn't bring about much other than just relatively simple moments of happiness. The film's backdrop of the French seaside make it a relaxing little escape for about 90 minutes.

Stylistically, I liked that there were a lot of shots where Ardant was shot from the back, so you feel as if you're in the moment with her. It's a very strong visual that keeps returning and that ties the film together beautifully.